"Sukkulente Euphorbien" - the Book

Succulent Euphorbia are fascinating plants by their unique wealth of different growth forms. Plant lovers will encounter a multitude of unusual, sometimes bizarre shapes. Within this genus there are profusely flowering dwarf shrubs with bonsai character and candelabra shaped trees, plants with spines that have developed from flowers and open like stars and - singular in the entire kingdom of plants - the amazing medusa's heads. The capability to even cope with the dry air in living rooms during winter created by central heatings make them the ideal succulent house plants.
Titelseite Sukkulente Euphorbien
In this book you will find detailed descriptions of more than 200 Euphorbia species. Large chapters with general information on the culture and propagation of these plants are completed by special information about these topics for all species presented. 67 full colour pictures and 27 fine drawings complete these presentations and allow a review of all important growth forms.

In additional chapter the history of Euphorbias is being traced from antique greece to modern times. The usage of these plant in traditional African medicine is described by examples. Another chapter covers diseases and pests that threaten Euphorbias and gives numerous hints on their control. A synopsis is given on the different attempts for a systematic of Euphorbias, the scientific names and synonyms of all succulent Euphorbias are given as well a a list of those species protected by law.


Allgemeiner Teil Systematischer Teil Anschriften

Volker Buddensiek: Sukkulente Euphorbien.
Ulmer Verlag (Stuttgart);
Mai 1998, ISBN 3-8001-6634-8
176 pages, 76 colour photos and 27 drawings

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