Succulent Euphorbia Plus

the CD-ROM on succulent Euphorbia plus....

Succulent Euphorbias Plus is the first recent publication that presents all known succulent Euphorbia species
- and includes a high number of semi-succulent, geophytic and xerophytic species.
In addition numerous succulent and xerophytic species of the genera Poinsettia and Chamaesyce are presented. Both genera are treated as separated from the genus Euphorbia by several authors nowadays.
All in all more than 900 species plus about 250 subspecies, varieties and forms are presented! Species are illustrated by more than 1700 photos (details, habitat picturess, herbarium sheets) and more than 80 drawings.
Each species is described on at least 1  page, including data on its distribution, cultivation and propagation, often with hints on similar species and important literature. => examples of pages


The CD-ROM is in English language and can be operated with any internet browser that can display frames. For Windows® a viewer is integrated and may be used optional. A monitor resolution of 800x600 dpi and true colour is recommended.

I continuously work on the CD-ROM, adding new material - so most likely it will never be "finished". If you are interested to learn more about it please contact me by e-mail or by surface mail to the following address:

Dr. Volker Buddensiek
Kampstr. 23
D-31655 Stadthagen

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